About Julia Lilly, 360 Admin Founder

Hi, my name is Julia Lilly, founder of 360 Admin. In 2008 advancements in technology made it possible to work remotely which stirred my entrepreneurial spirit.  I loved the idea of being able to offer my many years of Executive Assistant expertise to other entrepreneurs who needed professional and reliable support building their businesses.

Soon, Facebook appeared on the scene and all of my clients wanted to know how to use the service to further their business-building efforts. So, in late 2009 I dug in and became an expert in social media marketing. Starting out in social media at its onset has given me instinctual knowledge of not only Facebook, but the many others that have followed.

As technology expanded, so did the services I offered. Eventually, I was creating WordPress websites, e-commerce databases, e-newsletters, and learning copy write techniques and graphic design. One of my clients, Gulliver’s Travel, also helped me gain my Travel Advisor certification in 2017, so I can also assist my clients with their business travel (and personal if needed).

While I do have expertise in multiple areas, I don’t consider myself a “jack of all trades”. I like to choose my clients and projects carefully. I make sure my experience is actually the right fit for my client and the project(s) at hand. I will be the first person to tell a possible client if I am not the right fit for their business. However, if I am the right fit, then I promise it is going to go well. In my areas of expertise, I am a determined and reliable resource as my past and present clients can attest to.

I have worked for some nice clients such as Taco Bueno, Nielsen Holdings, Frito Lay Brands, Gulliver’s Travel, Plastic Surgery Texas and The Humane Society of North Texas. I equate being able to land clients of this level to my professionalism. These clients and others I have worked with over the years expect the best from their partners and I don’t let them down.

More about me:

I live in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas with my husband and multiple pets. I currently attend UTA part time to finalize my degree in English.

I am also the president of Cowtown Loves Animal Shelter Pets, a 501c3 animal welfare organization which I helped found in 2004.

Contact me:

I am looking forward to hearing from you. I’d love to talk about your projects and see if I am the right support person for your business.

Research me:

Please check out my TESTIMONIALS page and find me on LinkedIn.  One thing I really enjoy about social media is that it gives potential clients the opportunity to get to know me a bit better before reaching out.

Gratefully, Julia

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