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Success in business depends on whom you surround yourself with. So, who are you going to let into your inner circle?

The positive thinkers and genuinely talented can be tough to find. Until now! From database management to social media engagement, 360 Admin brings over twenty years of exemplary administrative and marketing support to your team.

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Frequently asked questions

With advancements in technology, including video conferencing, cloud storage, electronic signatures, and shared software apps, working remotely is the new normal.  360 Admin, which was founded in 2008, has been working remotely with success for over 10 years.  

360 Admin works standard professional business hours.  (Monday-Friday / 8-5pm)  If agreed upon in advance, flexible hours for special projects are an option. 

Before partnering with 360 Admin, a complete scope of work is included in your contract which includes best practices for communication. The scope of work ensures that we understand the work and your goals, thus lessening the need for frequent communication. It is a huge relief and time saver for our clients! To be respectful of the time allotted to each client, we typically do not take spur of the moment calls or projects and ask that our clients use email in almost every situation. Those emails will be returned within 24 hours, with the exception of weekends.

360 Admin is working from a professional designated office space complete with high-speed internet connection, scanner, printer, filing cabinets, desk, chair, laptop, monitor, and desktop calculator. We have everything you would see in a traditional office setting. Our software includes Microsoft Office Suite, Photoshop, Hootsuite, WordPress, Slack, Zoom, Go To Meetings, Animatron Wave, DropBox, and Quickbooks. Any additional software that is needed to manage your projects can easily be added and learned if needed. With over 20 years in administration, events, and marketing, 360 Admin is easily prepared!

360 Admin does require a signed contract which includes a complete scope of work and set number of agreed upon hours per month.  It is this level of organization and professionalism that makes us a great partner.  We bring the same elevated mindset to your projects.   

360 Admin enjoys working on short-term projects. Since short-term projects are time-sensitive, they are especially in need of clear and concise communication from the start. Therefore, just like with our long-term clients, we provide our short-term clients with a contract and scope of work that outlines the time frame, costs, and best communication practices.

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